The plan

Cartesius is all about healthy and happy living. The scientific theory of the Blue Zones has served as inspiration for this. Blue Zones are areas in the world where people have been shown to live healthily and happily for longer. The lessons learned by science are applied in Cartesius Utrecht.

We provide the ingredients to make you feel good. A living room to get healthy food, experience culture, or to meet on the terrace. A "central park" where you meet or dream away in the grass. A shared vegetable garden, because fresh food from your own garden is the best. And the perfect base for comfortable, sustainable homes that are ready for the future.

20% of how long we live is determined by our genes. 80% is determined by our lifestyle and the choices we make every day.

A place for young and old

CAB as a living room

The CAB is the living room of the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Everyone is welcome here and there is always something to do. The CAB pays a lot of attention to health, culture and self-expression. Think of a food hall, a supermarket with a wide organic and vegan assortment, catering and workplaces for creative companies.

CAB as the neighborhood living room

Park for resting and meeting

Cartesius will be a green oasis in the middle of the city. The "central park" is much more than a green meadow between the houses. It is a place that offers peace and liveliness for the residents and visitors of Cartesius. You can walk down from your apartment into the park to exercise, meet friends or recharge in a quiet place. Through the park you walk to the CAB for your groceries, food, drinks and culture.

Cartesius “central park”

Participate in the vegetable garden

Even closer than the park are the buildings' own gardens. These gardens are intended for the residents of the apartments and friends and family. Here you can, for example, organize and maintain the garden together with the fellow residents. Or what about a vegetable garden where you grow vegetables and herbs together. This way you have the freshest vegetables and herbs on your plate in the evening and your children learn where the food actually comes from. It cannot be healthier.

Comfortable, sustainable homes

Cartesius is a neighborhood where everyone is welcome. Where you can grow if, for example, you need more space, or less. Cartesius will house more than 2,500 homes, from social rent and starter homes to large apartments and town homes.

Cartesius is a neighborhood where everyone is welcome, where people can continue to grow.


Phase I will include 295 mid-priced rental homes for starters, the developer of which is Keystone. Phases 2 to 6 are being developed by Ballast Nedam Development and MRP Development, they devised the Cartesius area concept and are implementing it in every element of the urban district. In the second phase, a start will be made with 165 of the 628 social rental homes and 64 of 259 city homes. It is unique that the development of homes in the affordable and social segment is started first. This is a very conscious choice, which creates a natural mix of residents from the start. Residents can learn from each other and can use each other's networks to benefit all.

Map Cartesius Utrecht

Phase 1: from 2021, Phase 2: from 2022, Phase 3: from 2023, Phase 4-5: from 2025, Phase 6: School/sports hall

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Cartesius Utrecht is a development of:

MRP and Ballast Nedam Development