Healthy Urban Living
Longer healthy and happy living in Cartesius Utrecht.

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Cartesius Utrecht

Be there

Dynamic living in a way that is in balance with yourself and your environment. Cartesius, inspired by the scientific theory of the Blue Zones, will be a lively, sustainable and green city district. A place to recharge. The CAB as your second living room. A large park to relax, play sports and where children can play outside. Near the city center, next to Utrecht Zuilen station and opposite the "free port" of the Werkspoorkwartier. Happiness through connection with the residents, the environment and nature.


Be happy

Having lots to do in the area only really becomes valuable if you can share it with others. People are most satisfied with their living environment when they have a connection with their neighborhood. That is why we create a healthy city district that has everything needed to meet each other. A warm neighborhood that is open to everyone. Whether because of the exciting programming in the CAB, or exercising together in the park, or maintaining the communal garden with a group of residents. There’s no obligation, but in Cartesius it is all possible.

The power of community.

Nature & Biodiversity

Be green

Cartesius will be remarkably green. A big park in the middle of the district where you can find peace amidst all the dynamics of the city. A green loop around Cartesius in which you can freely wander. More intimate, communal areas for vegetable gardens will be created between the residential buildings. Not only the outdoor space becomes green, but also the buildings with vegetation on the facades.

We bring nature back to the city.


Be fit

From Cartesius, a large part of the city is easily accessible on foot and by bicycle. Cars are out of sight, your home is close to the park and you can walk or cycle into the city center. Or go to the CAB for a cup of coffee or perhaps just enjoy working in an inspiring environment. Cartesius will be a healthy city district where you will be naturally stimulated to exercise a lot. Truly inviting. With some pawns or jackets a goal is made and you can play football in the park. Near each residential building are also quieter gardens where you can relax, read a book or garden together.

Cartesius contributes to a healthier life.

Meaning & Relaxation

Be zen

"Ikigai", having a purpose in life, a reason to leave home. And when you come home, leave the hectic pace behind you. Cartesius offers the space, resources and opportunity to design and manage your living environment yourself. Such as setting up and maintaining the inner garden together with the neighbors, or undertaking joint activities such as a picnic, a yoga session or old-fashioned 'klaverjassen'.


Be conscious

Healthy living is also sustainable living. A life in which you consciously live in harmony with nature. The homes have low energy consumption, are future-proof and make smart use of building materials that are reusable or less harmful to the environment. Cartesius is energetically working on the sustainable ambition of Utrecht, through the years we constantly look at what is possible at that time. As a sustainable example, it is also a flywheel for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Our sustainability mission.

Foto: Juri Hiensch


Be smart

Modern and flexible, you can easily choose how you go out in Cartesius. You don't actually need your own car in the city. With the cycling and walking routes you can quickly reach the city center. You can go even further with the shared electric cars and the hubs in various cities. Or you can take the train from Utrecht Zuilen station. Mobility in Cartesius is flexible, durable, simple and always available at the door.

Cartesius mobility concept.

Healthy diet

Be healthy

Cartesius makes healthy living easy and tempting. Think of seasonal markets in the CAB with local products, catering with cultivated products from the vegetable garden and a supermarket with a wide range of organic products. Healthy eating comes naturally if you begin at a young age. School classes playfully learn more about healthy food in the local garden.

Our contribution to healthy living.

Foto: Juri Hiensch

Science & Measurement

Be futureproof

Healthy urban living: Cartesius is the first area development in the Netherlands to fully embrace this. It is an example for projects that are now being developed elsewhere in the country and will contribute in many areas to a healthier living environment for the whole of the Netherlands and perhaps even the world. In order to learn even more from this for the future, we will continue to look at how it can be improved, and we will also measure it. The Municipality of Utrecht, RIVM and Utrecht University are helping to improve this healthy city district and for application elsewhere. Our ultimate goal: to let people live five years longer through this healthy area development!

We keep improving Cartesius.

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Cartesius Utrecht is a development of:

MRP and Ballast Nedam Development